Image of Büro Destruct - Splash Backpack Turmspringerin

Büro Destruct - Splash Backpack Turmspringerin


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The seabag edition by Büro Destruct is available now! 100% Watergroove!

Wasserfester Rucksack "Turmspringerin", 2020. Superleicht und wasserfest, Masse: ca. 390 mm x 580 mm, 2-farbiger Siebdruck, Farbe: Rot und Weiss auf Marin, Design von Büro Destruct und produziert von Kitchener. Limitierte Auflage (und in der Regel rasch vergriffen)!


Splash Backpack "Turmspringerin" (Diver), 2020. Light weight and waterproof, Measurements: 390 mm x 580 mm, 2 color silkscreen, Colors: Red and white on marine, Designed by Büro Destruct. Small quantities!

Büro Destruct (*1993) is a renowned graphic-design-collective from Berne/Switzerland. The most important areas of Büro Destruct’s activities are visualisations of corporate identities, logos and the development of new fonts. In 2002 Büro Destruct founded the subsidiary company Büro Discount in Zurich/Switzerland.

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