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BDRmono Font Rub On

CHF28.00 – CHF158.00
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  • 1x BDRmono Font Rub On (Pic 1) - CHF28.00
  • All 6 BD Typedifferent Font Rub On’s (Pic 2) - CHF158.00
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USD 31.40/EUR 25.90

Typedifferent Rub On
Forget Opentype – Here is «Letraset».
Very limited! Per font / sheet only 10 copies exist. Size: 17 × 25.4 cm. Produced on a vintage Letraset production machine, printed in Germany.

Following typefaces are available as Rub On’s: BD Aubergin, BD Roylac, BDR Mono, BD Barbeaux Numerique, BD Kickrom Mono and BD Unicorse.

Since 1995, Büro Destruct is releasing its display & logotype fonts on


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