Image of Büro Destruct - RGB (Inflatable) Image of Büro Destruct - RGB (Inflatable)

Büro Destruct - RGB (Inflatable)

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Aufblasbare Puppe "RGB". Mit Reparaturkit! Wird ohne Luft geliefert.
Dimensionen (aufgeblasen): Höhe=31cm, Breite=75cm, Tiefe=21cm.

Das mystisch anmutende Einhorn "RGB" bringt die Farbe in die Filmwelt! Vielleicht wurde es deshalb zum Maskottchen des Videofestivals in der Dampfzentrale Bern?


Character-Design by Büro Destruct. RGB can be inflated and the measures 310 mm x 750 mm x 210 mm. Caution: Delivered without air (while blowing it up, gently compress the valve and blow hard).

The mythical creature RGB brings colour to all and any films. So it’s not unreasonable that it became the "mascot" of the film and video festival at Dampfzentrale Berne.

Büro Destruct (*1994) is a renowned graphic-design-collective from Berne/Switzerland. The most important areas of Büro Destruct’s activities are visualisations of corporate identities, logos and the development of new fonts. In 2002 Büro Destruct founded the subsidiary company Büro Discount in Zurich/Switzerland.

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