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Pictoplasma - Character Portraits

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  • Pictoplasma, Character Portraits (Pic 1) - CHF49.90
  • Pictoplasma, The Character Compendium (Pic 2) - CHF49.90
  • Rilla (Pictoplasma), Her Idea - CHF50.00
  • Little Aaron (Pictoplasma), Me and my Friends - CHF19.00
  • Die Gestalten, Pictoplasma - CHF69.00
  • Pictoplasma, Prepare for Pictopia - CHF69.00
  • Pictoplasma, Pen to Paper - CHF49.00
  • Pictoplasma, Gangpol & Mit Faits Divers, DVD - CHF27.00
  • Pictoplasma, Characters in Motion 1, DVD - CHF36.00
  • Pictoplasma, Characters in Motion 2, DVD - CHF36.00
  • Pictoplasma, Characters in Motion 3, DVD - CHF36.00
  • Pictoplasma, Pic Tarot - CHF19.00
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Das Buch "Character Portraits" ist das ultimative Porträt-Buch für alle "Character Designer" des postdigitalen Zeitalters! Es präsentiert über 600 Characters von rund 200 verschiedenen Künstlerinnen und Künstlern.

Seit 1999 untersucht das Projekt Pictoplasma die Entwicklungen im zeitgenössischen Character Design.


"Character Portraits" is the ultimate source book of postdigital portraiture for character designers, connoisseurs and the creatively curious.

This spanking new Pictoplasma compilation presents character portraits by an international scene of artists, designers and fresh talent. Featuring more than 600 outstanding artworks and individual character studies by 200 international artists.

Since 1999 the project Pictoplasma has been researching the developments in present-day character design. This leather bound work unearths the graphic roots of present day character culture and presents works by over 200 designers.

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