Image of Jim Woodring - Pupshaw & Pushpaw

Jim Woodring - Pupshaw & Pushpaw


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Farbiger Zeichenband von Jim Woodring ohne Text.

Pupshaw und Pushpaw reisen gemeinsam durch eine bonbonfarbene Welt und lernen dabei viele skurile, aber freundliche Wesen kennen.


Book of illustrations by Jim Woodring without text.

Pupshaw and Pushpaw journey together through a candy-coloured world and meet many strange but friendly creatures.

The artist and cartoonist Jim Woodring was born on the 11th of October 1952 in Los Angeles/USA and now lives in Seattle/USA. Most of Woodring’s works are in the area of surrealism. His mythical stories tell of strange creatures which live in an even stranger world and seem to be living by the kind of rules found in dreams. Dreams which he had previously written down in his dream-diary. His best know figure is likely to be "Frank".

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