Image of David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim - Target (Uglydolls)

David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim - Target (Uglydolls)


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Uglydolls Classic CHF 39.--/USD 39.40/EUR 35.30
Uglydolls Little Ugly CHF 19.--/USD 20.25/EUR 18.20
Uglydolls Clip on CHF 9.--/USD 9.60/EUR 8.60

Target is he wisest of all the Uglydolls. And he’s the hairiest. The other Uglydolls are quite scared of all that hair. But if they need some sound advice, they always turn to Target. Might he also have some sound advice for you? He’s about 34 cm in height and beige.

The Uglydolls are the result of a love affair between American illustrator David Horvath and Korean Sun-Min Kim who met at the Parsons School of Art Los Angeles. To alleviate the pain of their separation Horvath drew a cartoon figure he named Wage in one of his love letters to Kim. She then made his creation into a home-sewn cuddly doll for him to warm him in those lonely hours. Further Uglydolls, created in a similar manner, were to follow. Designer-plushes with a cult-factor!

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